Hello World! I guess this is my 5th reboot of this blog with yet again a different me this time. As it is wisely said, Chaos brings Ordeal, I guess I have finally found stability in my core ideas for practice.

As you might have observed from the title of this post, YES!, I have become a NodeJS fanboy now. I have been inclined to python for nearly a decade, and believe me I still am, the full stack development offered by Modern JavaScript and Node has made me switch to it as my primary language of focus.

Getting back on the primary topic. Hi there! I am a freelance information security trainer and consultant who goes under the handle of ghost0x07. I am not really a ghost anymore as it is very easy to find me by my username, as I have used it pretty often. What lies in the name is that I am very fond of finding tips and tricks to stay hidden or anonymous. That attribute also makes me a privacy freak.

The new agenda of this blog is to share things that I come across on my journey in the field of Cloud Infrastructure, Information Security, and Privacy. I am following the good old approach of learn, do, and share to improve my expertise in the mentioned domains. Currently, I am also working on a website to advertise my professional services, which is totally upto you to find. Though I might reveal it here when I am desperately in search of work.

So, that's all I want to say for the first post. Keep tuning in to know more!